ScanCards in School

ScanCards in School

Students and teachers alike love ScanCard Organizers for keeping track of assignments and projects in multiple classes. There is no better system for managing important assignments in more than one class.

ScanCard Personal Organizers are great for students who cannot use computers or smartphones in class to track  assignments and projects.

Unlike many organizers which are highly structured and require strict discipline, the ScanCard® System is fast and easy to use for students in elementary school, middle school and high school. ScanCard panels fit into ordinary three-ring binders. Or order a personalized binder with the student's name embossed on the front!

Each project or reminder is written (with a pencil or pen!) on a separate ScanCard® and placed in a ScanCard panel where it won't get lost. No more relying on those project lists, scrap pieces of paper, post-it-notes, notes written on your hand, etc. You can scan the ScanCards daily, in only seconds, to jog your memory on what's due from which teacher in which class.

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