The Power of “Consumed” Advertising

All marketers want their customers and clients to remember their brand- especially well into the future.

Most advertising dollars go to lining the pockets of newspapers, magazines, television, USPS, internet, etc. We count on the advertising to (hopefully) be noticed and rememberd by the audience so they will eventually buy our product or service. 

An alternative, and usually more effective use of advertising dollars, is to develop marketing and advertising programs in which most of the cost of the advertising results in benefit to the customer – it is "consumed" advertising that leads directly to gaining customers.

Coupon programs do this, as do free events, free merchandise, or special events for children.

Example: FREE Home Improvement Lessons are a great service to Home Depot customers. While it may cost money to hire an instructor, the customer goes home with new knowledge – a real value.

A ScanCard Personal Organizer, with your logo embossed on a luxurious leather ScanCard Binder, can establish a high-quality image for your brand. You can give an organizer as a "thank you" gift for any special occasion. As the recipient uses the ScanCard Organizer in the future, your brand will be conspicuous and a daily reminder of your company.

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