The hallmark of success and sanity: an effective to-do list system

When you’re in charge, there’s a lot to keep track of. There are people you need to check in with, tasks that need completed by certain deadlines and ideas to be thought of and proposed. The only way to be successful (and stay sane while getting to that point) is to follow an effective to-do list system.

It’s easy to let things fall through the cracks when you’re relying on memory or a piece of “To-do List” stationary that, by the end of the day—if you can even find it—is crumpled up with the rest of the papers on your desk. A simple to-do list won’t cut it for the hardest and busiest workers anyway because there are things and people you just can’t cross off it for good.

ScanCard Organizer allows you to build a to-do list system that can keep you on track for all of your short-term and long-term projects and partnerships because you can arrange tasks by importance, timeliness or topic. ScanCard panels make it easy to add, remove and rearrange cards as your schedule dictates, which is helpful in those instances when tasks you tended to a few weeks ago find themselves at the top of your to-do list once again. 

Tips for creating an effective to-do list system with ScanCard:

  • When you have a good idea, write it down on your ScanCards. Not only will they serve as little reminders, but giving each a designated card means it will be on your to-do list to research further. Because the ScanCard organizer fits in any three-ring binder, you can take it to meetings and events.  
  • During meetings where there is a lot of information to be processed or responsibilities assigned, turn your notes into ScanCards so you can reflect on and organize the information by what was most meaningful and what topics should be placed on the next agenda.
  • When taking on new clients, put their names and information on cards. Make a note on the ScanCards every time you engage with those clients and any upcoming expectations they have, so no one feels neglected. 
  • Routine is a key to any successful to-do list system, so make it a habit to check your ScanCard system every day. Consider ordering a leather binder embossed with your logo and you’ll have no trouble keeping it by your side throughout the day.     







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