The Secret to Successfully Managing

Lots of Projects

People from all walks of life have found the secret to handling large numbers of projects simultaneously:

It's simply a matter of seeing that each project gets a little attention on a regular basis.

successful project management plate spinner

Successful project management is a lot like those amazing "plate spinners" from vaudeville days. You've seen them — those performers who spin china plates atop long wooden sticks. They start with just a few plates and gradually work their way up to a whole row, clear across the stage. Their secret? It's simply to give each plate a little attention, not long — just a second or two, on a regular basis. To spend too much time on one plate, or overlook another, would cause a plate (project) to “crash!”  And so it is with handling projects in our business careers, as well as in everyday personal activities: A little attention on a regular basis. That's the key.

That's why we recommend a daily scanning of your ScanCard Project Panels. It is a quick and easy way to jog your memory on what's to be done next on each project.

Regular use of your ScanCard Organizer
can take the STRESS out of being busy!

What it does of course, is reduce your dependency on memory, which means you'll have fewer missed deadlines and last-minute rushes that can cause costly delays. At the same time, the daily scanning reinforces your confidence that you are on top of all projects all the time. This feeling of being in control can replace the feeling of anxiety that is so common among people who have many projects and things to get done.