Stress can be a Killer!

My doctor friend told me I wasn’t going to die from a heart attack. I was going to die from STRESS. He told me I had too many projects and to-dos and it was a risky place to be. I needed to drop some projects, or get better organized.

Typically, we all operate too much from memory – wondering what we should be doing now, next, and what are we forgetting? This is a stressful way to operate.

And even worse, we often lose our reminder notes – what was that guy’s email and phone number? What did I promise on that project? How can I reach him?

Plus, we have honey-dos and schedules for our children’s activities. Sure don’t want to miss those commitments!

There is a secret to eliminating these stress practices. It’s to have all projects and reminders on a separate card, in one place, where they can be scanned daily to see what is priority, and to identify those projects that can wait. It is your “project control center.” Now, you can relax on the weekends, not worrying about what you need to remember, knowing that come Monday morning you can scan your personal organizer quickly to remind yourself of all your commitments.

The ScanCard Organizer maintains a seperate card for each project or reminder note. Once the cards are in the binder, they can’t get lost. And they are easily scanned in seconds.

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