Storyboards: An innovative solution

Storyboards: An innovative solution

Many projects require storyboard construction, or are easier to organize and manage using storyboarding. From creating a television commercial to planning the chapters in a book, storyboards are a critical tool for moving around pieces and parts of a project.

The trouble is, not all offices have enough space to leave storyboard cards up on a wall for the duration of the project.

Try using ScanCard Organizers for storyboarding instead: Assign each scene (or each chapter of a book) to a blank card in the ScanCard system. Label each card clearly at the top, and organize them on a bulletin board or table until you are happy with the sequence.

Portable Storyboard Platform

When you have completed the sequencing, you can tuck your ScanCards (in order, of course!) into a ScanCard panel for safekeeping. It is easy to later make changes to the sequence, or take all of the cards out and start over. The advantage is, you can take your storyboard with you in a binder, since the ScanCard panels fit into any standard 3-ring binder. 


Make Your Storyboard into a Client Gift


At the end of your project, you can even order a custom embossed leather 3-ring binder and present the storyboard sequence as a memento of the project to your client! In fact, plan ahead and order the binder when you purchase your ScanCard Organizer Starter Kit to save on shipping.


Other ideas for using ScanCards as a storyboard include:


  • PowerPoint presentations or Prezi presentations, when you need to organize the elements within your project and change the order with ease
  • school presentations
  • chapters in a book project
  • agenda items for a meeting or conference

Once you try ScanCard Organizers for storyboarding, you'll find you like the system so much, you'll want to use it to organize your tasks at home and at work, too! Find out The Secret to superior project management using a card-based system.

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