Messy calendar? Always rewriting tasks into the next day(s)?

Messy calendar? Always rewriting tasks into the next day(s)?

Do you use a calendar to keep both appointments AND tasks?  Then, if you don't get tasks completed on the day you intended, you must rewrite incomplete projects onto pages for tomorrow, or later. Most important, some activities may NOT get transferred to a later date, and they are forgotten – they are out of sight, still on your calendar pages of last week! This process of rewritting notes and projects can be time-consuming, to say the least. 

Many people depend on their calendar for all their organizational needs, pressing their calendar into service as a project management system, when its true use is to schedule appointments.

The solution to this inefficient, messy calendar problem is to divide your planner needs: 

  1. a calendar for appointments 
  2. a set of project cards with to-do information not tied to a specific date. 

By maintaining your project notes on cards near your calendar, but not ON your calendar, you save yourself from rewriting your to-do list items to future dates. 

No more messy calendar

A superior to-do system that exists alongside your calendar is the ScanCard Personal Organizer. The system allows you to keep separate to-do project cards for each project. You can even designate ScanCard panels for different customers or different segments of your life, such as home, kids, business and volunteer work.

When you have a new project, simply write it on a new ScanCard and label it at the top of the card, then add additional information below the title or on the back of the card.   For a complete description of how to integrate ScanCards into an organized day and stay on top of all your projects, read this article on the ideal way to handle multiple projects without stress.

The ScanCard Personal Organizer™ is an easy-to-use and effective way to manage everyday projects and reminders. No more rewritting projets to future pages on a calendar, no more lost or forgotten notes. It provides a simple, easy-to-use, paper-based system that is practical for anyone: in the office, in the home, or for volunteer activities.

Ready to turn your calendar to a new week and see only your critical appointments, without a lot of scribbled to-do items and sticky notes? Order your Starter Kit today!


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