Getting Started

getting started project management

1. First, gather all those random notes scattered on your desk or in your shirt and coat pockets and write each on a ScanCard.  Then insert the cards into your ScanCard Control Panels.

getting started project management

2. Get ready for new notes or reminders. Next, fill the remaining pockets of your ScanCard panel with blank ScanCards. Now you're ready to write new notes or reminders where they'll stay and not become lost! It will surprise you how you'll remember where certain project cards are in the panel and you will know where to reach for them when needed.

3. A daily scanning to jog your memory. Now that all of your to-do notes and projects are in your control panels, it's easy to take a few seconds and scan them for follow up. You’ll be amazed how this can be done more quickly and efficiently than relying on your memory. You'll also quickly identity several activities or projects that you might want to follow up and not allow to "fall through the cracks".

When away from your desk keep a few cards in your shirt pocket or purse so one will be handy when you need to write a new note. Place these new cards into your control panel as soon as possible so they won't get lost.

getting started project management4. Take the next step and organize your cards within the panels. You can place personal notes in one section, business notes in another, and family projects in another. Eventually, you may have separate control panels for each category or may want to order different color or custom cards for different categories.

5. Get everyone involved. Once you see how the ScanCard system increases your personal productivity – imagine what it could do for your entire organization! See our Personalization page to learn about adding your corporate logo or personalizing our binders with individual names or initials.
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