An Organized Life


Yes, we use laptops and smartphones.

But we still scribble notes on napkins, sticky notes and the backs of business cards.


It's quick and easy to make a paper note.

The problem is, these scraps of paper become lost or forgotten. They are not part of a system.

Have you tried online project management software only to find it cumbersome to enter new items on the go? Or do you find it impossible to survey your projects at one time when using online project managers?

The ScanCard Personal Organizer™ is an easy-to-use and
effective way to manage your everyday projects and reminders.

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It can dramatically improve your personal productivity. 
Many successful individuals in Fortune 500 companies, field sales people, shop foremen, teachers, parents – people in all walks of life – have used this system since its introduction in 1981. We've seen notes written on cards in many languages by worldwide customers.

Unlike many organizers which are highly structured and require strict discipline, the ScanCard® System is fast and easy to use. Each project or reminder is written (with a pencil or pen!) on a separate ScanCard® and placed in a ScanCard panel where it won't get lost. No more relying on those project lists, scrap pieces of paper, post-it-notes, restaurant napkins, etc. You can scan the ScanCards daily, in only seconds, to jog your memory on what's due next … from whom … and when.

No more over-looked projects or costly last-minute rushes.

Each ScanCard panel holds 20 project cards on each side. The panels fit standard 3-ring binders. You may eventually want a separate panel for different categories of project management. You may also want different colors of cards for different activities.

ScanCard Starter Kit: Just $39.95!

We invite you to try the ScanCard® Personal Project Organizer for 30 days. If you do not feel that you've improved your efficiency and productivity in that time, return the system for a prompt refund. View the Starter Kit.